Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gifts March 08 2016, 0 Comments

Graduation – pomp and circumstance! All that joy from parents and sweet relief from graduates - an exciting time for sure!

With graduation season falling between mid - May and early June, now is the time to start thinking about that perfect gift that celebrates your graduate.

For the young man graduating from high school, a custom engraved pocket knife is a good send off into the world. If he is thinking about pursuing a degree in sports management, an engraved whistle makes a fun and practical gift! We offer some great leather goods including money clips and wallets – with a few dollars tucked in the leather wallet, high school, as well as college graduates will find this to be the ultimate graduation gift! Gifts for the college graduate could include a flask with their Alma Mater’s name on it. Leather luggage tags, for the graduate about to travel the world, and monogrammed cuff links – great for anyone entering into the business world – are two graduate pleasers.

Young women, well ALL women, love jewelry and to make it extra special, a monogram piece of jewelry is the ticket. The initials of the graduate on the front and the date of the ceremony on the back is always very popular. We love to give our acrylic trays as graduation gifts, they come in three different sizes, and are perfect for keeping dorm rooms organized. Our sterling silver nautical rings are popular graduation gifts as well. Monogrammed card cases and bar necklaces with the coordinates of the school they are graduating from make for personalized and meaningful gifts.

With their degree and personalized gift in hand, your graduate will be ready to conquer the world…or at least the ceremony stage!

Gold-filled Jewelry

Gold-filled Jewelry March 01 2016, 0 Comments

We have several items in our store that we offer in ‘gold-filled’. We occasionally get asked ”What is gold-filled?”

Gold-filled is a two to three step layering system. The first or core layer is comprised of jeweler’s brass, sterling silver, or rhodium - which is a member of the platinum family. An overlay of gold alloy, that is at least 5% of the total weight of item, is then bonded to one or both sides of the item’s core. After being treated with heat and pressure, the item becomes easy to care for and will, under most circumstances, retain its golden shine for a lifetime.

Gold filled is considered more durable than gold plate as it will never peel off – the outer layer is solid gold! It does not tarnish as easily as silver. If your gold-filled item becomes dirty from everyday wear, it is so easy to clean! A little bit of mild soap and water will have it shining again in no time.

Be careful not to expose your gold-filled jewelry to chemical or acids, as this will compromise the beauty of your item.

We have had great response to our gold-fill jewelry. Its beauty and style will last a lifetime. We hope after reading this, you will feel confident in knowing the durability and beauty of gold-filled!