Gold-filled Jewelry

March 01, 2016

Gold-filled Jewelry

We have several items in our store that we offer in ‘gold-filled’. We occasionally get asked ”What is gold-filled?”

Gold-filled is a two to three step layering system. The first or core layer is comprised of jeweler’s brass, sterling silver, or rhodium - which is a member of the platinum family. An overlay of gold alloy, that is at least 5% of the total weight of item, is then bonded to one or both sides of the item’s core. After being treated with heat and pressure, the item becomes easy to care for and will, under most circumstances, retain its golden shine for a lifetime.

Gold filled is considered more durable than gold plate as it will never peel off – the outer layer is solid gold! It does not tarnish as easily as silver. If your gold-filled item becomes dirty from everyday wear, it is so easy to clean! A little bit of mild soap and water will have it shining again in no time.

Be careful not to expose your gold-filled jewelry to chemical or acids, as this will compromise the beauty of your item.

We have had great response to our gold-fill jewelry. Its beauty and style will last a lifetime. We hope after reading this, you will feel confident in knowing the durability and beauty of gold-filled!

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